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Digging pixel garbage
Losing sleep
Wordless singing out
Too loud to talk
And I can only walk the Hill
So many times
Before they figure out I'm worthless
And I hope I make you nervous
Because I know I don't deserve
Your love or mine

Feeling out don't know
What's real or not
Graceless scrolling pop
Your face I creep
And I can only hold my breath
For so much time
Before they figure out I'm useless
and more than just a little clueless
And all I've learned is to abuse your love and mine

And I don't know how to breath
And I don't know who to be
I'm crawling into your skin
Your mother must've been a saint
For putting up with your shit for so many years

Tripping sipping poison
Dream the end
Creeping on your face
Too numb to fuck
And the excuses only work
So many times
And it could be you've never heard this
Maybe you think I don't deserve this
But I'll never not be worthless


from Worthless, released November 27, 2018
Guitars & Vocals - Jeff Tapia
Drums - Daniel Timothy Desrosiers
Bass - Evan Captain


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Rat Queen Seattle, Washington

Rat Queen is a run down, overworked Poser Punk trio dedicated to dwelling on the non-problems of their former youth. From social anxiety, to drug abuse with levity, Rat Queen can’t help but be stuck in post adolescence.

Stripped down, too loud, and not without whining, Rat Queen can’t help but make you ask yourself, “Did I ever really grow out of my awkward phase?—Or did I just get used to it?”
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